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German version of MahJong Solitaire

mahjong Schildkröte.

mahjong Drachen.

mahjong Katze.

mahjong Festung.

mahjong Krebs.

mahjong Spinne.

mahjong the_dude.

Mahjong Solitaire is a variant for one player of the old chinese game Mahjong. To win the game, all the tiles must be removed from the board by matching pairs of free tiles.

This German version of the game, same as the Venetian one, is created by myself using customised tiles instead of the traditional chinese ones.

The traditional circles, bamboo and signs have been replaced with Kartoffeln, Würste, and Bier; for each of those, the tiles are numbered from 1 to 9.
The three dragons, as in the Venetian version, have been replaced with the three drunk men.
One tile is then dedicated to Jägermeister, and another one to a very famous German poet: H.P. Baxxter.
To complete the game, the last 4 tiles are for the most known German cars in the world: Volkswagen, Bmw, Opel and Mercedes-Benz. Sorry for Audi lovers, but there are no more tiles left.

The algorithm that generates the tiles position is totally random, and simulates a real-world mixing procedure. Because of that, some games may not be winnable.

If you have any question, comment or request, you can use the following form.